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What is a Design Kit?

A Design Kit is a free service.

A Design Kit is a virtual design board with images of furniture, draperies, accessories and paint colours.

A Design Kit is a floor plan of your room showing placement and scale of new and keeper furniture pieces.

A Design Kit is a shopping list of where to buy and cost of all items.

Turn around time is approximately 3 weeks.

Where to begin...

Download the Design Kit Questionnaire. 

Email to: ilivedonwisterialane@gmail.com


Completed Design Kit Questionnaire

Room drawing with measurements

Photos of keeper furniture with measurements

Room photos {from all angles}

Photos of 3 favorite things {does not have to be home decor related}

Click here to view finished design boards and design floor plans.

I will not be doing anymore design kits until September.


  1. I want to do this for my home office! I'm heading to Canada for a week but will get it to you when I get back. Thanks!

  2. Hi! Is this only for American residents?

    1. I can do a floor plan and choose some items that you might be able to replicate. I can also choose colors that might work for you.