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Thanks for visiting!  Drop me a note if you'd like to share a project, ask a question, be a guest blogger, or simply say hello!

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  1. Hi Holly!

    I just found your site -- and am in love with the design and colors. Simple yet visually appealing!

    A friend actually emailed your information and her exact words were -- I just saw this blog and was drooling over this woman's home. I thought you might drool too.

    Clearly you have fans! :)

    I would love to be a guest blogger for you. My area of expertise is home organizing. My tips and ideas are structured around helping families get out of the overwhelm that too much stuff tends to cause.

    I look forward to hearing back from you about any opportunities to work together. Have a wonderful day!

    Talk soon,

    1. Jennifer I don't know what happened but I thought I replied when you sent this. I don't know what could have happened. Submit something any time. I would love to have guest posts.

      Once again i am sorry you never received a reply.


  2. Dear Hollie,

    Another fabulous blog! Thank you. I have added you to my favourites along with Coco Cozy and House of Turquoise. Lovely job. I look forward to your new entries.

    Regards, Susan McGrath

    PS I couldn't see a link that allows me to receive email updates of your postings. Am I missing it? Happy Memorial Weekend from New York.

  3. Hi,
    Where did you get that great rug in your grandkids' room? I think it would be perfect in my 10 year old's room. I am doing her room in turquoise / white and trying to add a modern flair.

    1. The rug came from shades of light https://www.shadesoflight.com/lollipop-vine-hooked-rug-2-colors.html.
      Hope this helps, I love the rug.