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Monday, June 11, 2012

How many hats do you wear?

I was interviewed by the Huffington Post last week, for an article on our home.  I am excited and honored by this opportunity.  I will give you more details as it unfolds.  One of the questions she asked me was what is my occupation?  Since I have never formally worked outside of the home, this question always stumps me.  If you say housewife, mother, grandmother, caregiver it never sounds like enough.  But it is more than enough because in staying home and raising my children I have needed to wear many hats.  I am glad that my work has kept me in the home. 

The newest hat I am wearing is that of Joy's general contractor for her reno.  We contracted the job out but when the bid came back we knew we had to find another way.  So I rounded up my painter, plumber,  and electrician.  A good start.  We got bids for windows, banisters, wood floors, and carpet.

In the midst of this reno I have flown to Utah and Idaho this past week, to visit some of my kids.  Last week was not my normal week, but I don't think any week is very normal.  As for this week I hope to finish the grandkid's room  and work on Joy's home. I will be over there a lot keeping the trades going so the job runs as smoothly as possible.  

As you can see my life is busy, just the way I like it.  But I do get overwhelmed, tired and sometimes frustrated.  It's a lot to juggle a husband plus 5 kids and their families.  This is why I have decorated my house in calm serene colors.  My home is my refuge.  A place to unwind and get recharged. The  colors in my home were purposely picked for this reason.  


  1. That is so exciting that you were interviewed! I can't wait to hear more about it! I love that you are so involved with your children, you are such an incredible mom!

  2. Hollie, your blog is amazing!!! SERIOUSLY!!! I was on Facebook and noticed Brad's (we were friends in college) link about your Huffington post article and now I've pretty much read your entire blog. Your idea's are amazing!


    I am at square one with decorating my house. In fact, right now there aren't even couches or chairs in my living room because I got rid of the old and never purchased the new. I am so indecisive and do not know how to coordinate colors and prints and fabrics etc.

    I know what I like...just not how to get there. I do things like buy an $1000.00 chair that I think I have to have and then I hate it 3 weeks later. I need you!!!

    I am totally going to fill our your form and maybe you can help me get started on my house because my husband is so sick of it being colorless and empty. BLAH!!!!

    Can't wait to read more on your blog.