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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Turquoise and Gold

I had the 3 vases of roses for a bit with  the canvas table runner .  At Christmas I put the leaf in my table and never took it out, I liked the table with a larger presence.  But now the table runner looked too short. So I bought a very pretty linen runner in the color of my chairs, but it was blah, so I went back to the canvas and changed to all white vases, this look didn't last long.  It looked pretty in a magazine but I felt like my vases were at a store on a conveyer belt, too much of a good thing, especially with my hutch of all white dishes on one side.

My new tablescape is turquoise and gold just the pop I was looking for.  I first cut a piece of canvas just a couple inches shorter than the table.  I copied the other table runner that I had bought at West Elm.  Stitching around all the sides with my sewing machine about 1/2" from edge.  Painted it with a coat of gesso, then a coat of gold paint. Placed the wooden ombre vases back on the table with two turquoise vases.  I added five turquoise flowers and one orange flower bought on Etsy a while back, to each vase.  

Whenever I decide to rearrange something I always start with what is around my home.  But this always leads to a snowball effect.  Now I need to tweak the family room and front entry a bit.  Which will probably spill over into the bedrooms.

Just when I think it is perfect another idea is born and around I go again.


  1. where did you get that blue vase. i looooove it!! and where do you even buy canvas?

  2. The vases are from dwell studio.com. And whenever I have trouble finding something amazon always seems to have it, thats where the canvas came from.

  3. I agree with Mer, that blue vase is so pretty. You have such great taste!