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Monday, May 14, 2012

The Land of A Thousand Oaks

I live in The Land of A Thousand Oak Trees, known as Thousand Oaks.  There is a pretty little pocket of Thousand Oaks called Westlake Village, that is my town and the home of this tree. 
It's really almost like living in a fairy tale.
Where streets and homes are built around The Great Oaks.  The Oak Tree is protected by all who live here.  We lost A Great Oak a few months back.  I wasn't aware of its great significance until I read this plaque.  It was sad to see the tree removed, I would drive by it many times a day, it gave you a feeling of coming home.  
This tree was a landmark of our neighborhood.  
I love driving up to my home or looking out my windows and seeing these Old Oak Trees.  There is true beauty in their age as they struggle to survive.  One Bends over forming a shelter as you walk under it through the grape vines.  The vineyard was purposely planted so that the old bent Oak was right in the middle.  The Oak at the far right is decayed and broken but still lives on.  

These Great Oak Trees remind me to be strong 
and that I can do anything I set my mind to.

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  1. You must love waking up to the beauty around you...so pretty!