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Thursday, May 31, 2012


One of My Favorite Things
I really try to stay organized and the best way I know is making lists.

Another One of My Favorite Things
Photoshop is the best way I know to make these lists

Lists & Photoshop = Mind Clutter Busters

I've been teaching myself photoshop with the help of my daughter Allison and daughter-in-law Sarah.
  I have owned photoshop of a number of years, but it seemed too daunting.  Well I finally opened it and I can't stop.
  The creative side of me is on overload.  Blogging daily helps me channel this creativity and I hope will benefit some of my lovely readers. 
 One thing I have been working on is 
my TO DO 2 TA Da Series.
2nd in the series is my
"Grocery List Printable"

Revised "Weekly To Do List Printable"

The Winner of My May Book Giveaway is "Desiree"!


  1. It sounds as though the Photoshop bug bit you as hard as the Illiustrator bug bit me! I love the work you've done with PS and hope to tackle the program one day soon. I hear most people are either PS or Ai people but I intend to learn both. Without my kids to help me learn I relied on the fantastic online courses taught by Laura Coyle. Do you recommend anyone in particular for PS classes? Who says we old dogs can't learn to trick out our blogs? Ha.


    1. I haven't taken any classes. I have a few tips pinned on pinterest but i haven't had time to look at them.

  2. I love your to do 2 ta da series. I am so intimidated by photoshop I open it then don't don't know what to do. Thanks for this print I LOVE lists and especially ones this cute!!

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