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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Colors of My Home

Blog formerly known as Linen & Thread.

In the past I have had yellow walls, burgundy walls, dusty rose, and white.  
Wallpaper with bird houses, and every other motifs I'm sure. 
But this is by far my favorite at least for now, who knows what the future will bring. 
The only constant through the years has been navy, I guess it's my favorite.

About 40% of your color should be on your walls, ceiling and trim

Another 20% on your floors.

20% more found in the furniture,area rugs, and window coverings.

Last but certainly not least 15% in your accessories and artwork.
And 5% for the unexpected.

Notice the further you go down my charts the more saturated and colorful the colors become.  
This is important because a little bit of these colors go a long way.
And a shade of white is in every category.

Remember to go to House of Turquoise today.  
The two posts go well together.

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  1. Yours is the first blog I've added to my reader in months after weeding out so many. Refreshing and inspiring. I've been on a bit of a blogging break but maybe you've given me a little push to continue. Thanks for that. Happy to have found you!


  2. I'm visiting from HOT and I'm so glad I stopped by. As I was looking at the pics over at HOT, the first thing I thought was "What is the color of the front door, I must have it"! I stop by your blog and viola' there it is! Your home is amazing and just my style, thank you for sharing, Nan
    PS, I'm now following your blog!

  3. Hi Hollie,
    I'm over from HOT as well- and I am thrilled to find you and your beautiful blog.
    Right up my alley, for sure.
    I'm on a blog break right now, but will return soon.
    Nice to meet you and I so look forward to visiting you often!

  4. I found you through Erin on House of Tourquoise today. So glad, I am ill and have to rest today and have just spent well over an hr. Here on your blog. I have comments about everything! It started with wanting the details of the painting in your bedrm over the leather couch. Is it a wedding, first communion, what? Beautiful. Then I see we are kindred spirits because I am taking my 1st vacation in 5 yrs & where did I go? My crafts room! Everyone went away so I could get rest & restored & my craft/painting rm is the place that provides that. It is where I have pickle jars full of vintage white buttons too. And blue ball canning jars, don't get me started...in the kitchen filled w/flowers, laundry rm holding floral wire, chalk, scissors & next to the sewing machine full of old wooden thread spools. Love the 3 old metal painted pitchers(French maybe.?) you have, can't remember which room they are in. Your quilts are gorgeous. I don't quilt but My mother in law does & grandmother did. I just redecorated/organized my MIL's sun room for her to have a full time quilting room. Took me 5 mths...I am slow :-) but the final connection was when I got to one of your first post...all I want for Christmas is no diabetes. Our son developed type one in his first year of college 7 years ago. My heart is yet to mend from the blow. I plan to follow you via email, oh yeah... I collect rolling pins with red or green handles & avocados are one of my favoRite foods too! And we look to be the same age. But you run circles around me...on to your store & then Pinterest page. Thanks for a relaxing afternoon. I rarely gush like this, kinda embarrassing. Suzi pblapere@att.net

    1. Thanks so much for your comment. It seems we do have much in common. The paintings in my home are all russian impressionist, all different artists. I hope you feel better soon and am glad that I could bring a little piece of fun to your day.

  5. Oh, I forgot. Where did you find tension curtain small enough to use in the cupboards storing your place mats. I like all the hardback place mats, my mom has a few but you have a lot are they vintage or did you buy them new? I made a shadowbox for my daughter & son in law w/Grandmother's silver spoons inside like yours! But I made the box from a vintage frame my mom bought at The Paris flea market in the 50's. I put handles on the front of the frame and glass knobs for feet on the back so it is really more of a tray than a shadowbox. Suzi pblapere@att.net

    1. The tension rods are from target. I think they are meant for the widows on the sides of a door.

  6. I just found your blog today from a stopover at HOT.
    You have great ideas and a fun, captivating way of expressing yourself.
    I love it!, count me in as a new visitor, the kind that keeps coming back to see if there is any extra cake!

  7. I loved your post on house of turquoise today. I have never seen a picture of the outside of your home, it's absolutely beautiful as well as every room inside!