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Wednesday, April 25, 2012



What does and antique shop and target have in common?
My supplies for my bubble blowing station.

I went to the antique mart in my neighborhood today and I came home with a lot of scrumptious collectibles, things I couldn't live without.  I will show all of the wonderful finds to you another day but today I want to show you how to put together a
I saw this glass jar with a spigot.  Most people would use it for lemonade.  But I thought bubbles!
I needed something to hold all my supplies and that's when I found this old vintage wire tray, it was perfect.

Then it was off to Target.  I found a darling little white bucket with dividers in the kitchen section.  Small dixie cups in the paper goods aisle.  And lots of bubble wands and a large container of bubble solution in the toy department.

At home I placed an antique quilt, one I got from Gordon's Mom, over a table outside in the courtyard.  Then came the old vintage wire tray.  Poured the bubble solution into the glass jar with a spigot, and placed the bubble wands and dixie cups into the darling little white bucket.  
Ready for an afternoon of delight, giggles, and fun.


  1. this is such a fantastic idea. perfect for birthday parties too! i just might do this for hannah's as well for some outside fun.

  2. What a cute idea! You are such a fun grandma!! I love the idea of pouring the bubbles into little cups...that is so smart!!

  3. What a great idea...just looked at that Target bucket myself today! So cute!

  4. Nice blog, thanks for posting.