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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Brooke's Craft Room Reveal

Attention To The Details

Brooke's craft room really represents her eclectic style
 by mixing different patterns and colors. 

It took a long while to finish, but I hope you will agree it was well worth the wait.  
Projects needed to be made, furniture needed to arrive and two visits from me to Utah.  
I wish we were an HGTV show where it all happens instantaneously.

Artwork made with chevron drawer liner and pantone color postcards.  Polkadots painted with gold paint.  The spark picture was made with gold decals found at local craft store and frame from Ikea.  
The pink zebra quilt is from my Etsy shoppe.  The black and white damask settee came from Target.

The bulletin board circles were made from cork hot plates from Ikea and painted pink and gold and hung in rows randomly.  The floating shelves from Ikea add extra storage.

The green wall unit is also from Ikea. The back was lined with wrapping paper from Crate and Barrel.  Edges of shelves were painted gold and the knobs are from Anthropologie.

The acrylic chairs are from Target, they are practical without taking up visual space.  Fabric was added to the table top covered with plexiglass to give it some personality and can be easily changed on a whim.  The plexiglass adds a more durable craft surface to work on.

The artwork came from Etsy and some made by Brooke.

Style does not have to be Expensive.  This room was created from items already in her home, Ikea, Target, and Etsy.

Come back tomorrow to see what we did in her craft closet.


  1. absolutely LOVE it! such a fun mix of colours, patterns, and tiny little details that definitely personalize the space just for brooke!

  2. you guys did a great job. looks so fun!!

  3. Great creative space! It looks like art itself with all of the patterns and colors!

  4. I love everything about this room.

    1. I'd really like to see more detail on the Green Cabinet that looks like Kate Spade.