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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Antique Mart Finds Part 1

Antique Dress Form

I had seen this old worn out dress form the last time I was at the shop.  I couldn't get her off my mind so I just had to go and see if she was still there.  To my delight there she was and she now lives in my living room.  I bet she could tell a lot of stories.

Found Jars with Green Glass
My kitchen island has had many dress rehearsals. 
 I just couldn't get it right until now, wouldn't you agree.        
Success at last!

Vintage Typewriter
Old typewriters brings out the romantic emotion in me of being a writer. One of now two that I have collected.  
He sits front and center in my family room on a sideboard.

Jadeite Pedestal Cake Plate
I love the look of jadeite, and just couldn't resist.  This little gem also sits on the sideboard in my 
family room with a crystal apple on top.

Antique Cookie Jar 
Filled with Old Spools of Thread
I love turquoise.  This pretty find is in my quilt studio, to give me inspiration.

Delicate Turquoise Perfume Bottle
How could I resist she's turquoise.  I placed her on my vanity in the master bathroom.

Pink Smocked Baby Dress
For a special baby!


  1. What great finds!That dress is very sweet!

    1. Thanks Michelle, And fyi i'm sending your quilt today.

  2. oh wow i love that cake plate. i love jadeite! and the perfume bottle is really neat too.

  3. by chance was there any other cake plates similar still there?