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Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Dining Room

A Lovely Place To Dine

Tomorrow Part 2 of my Dining Room, looking at the details.


  1. Just lovely! I love that you included a fireplace in your dining room, & I'm a tad envious of your beautiful built-in hutch. I bet that room is so perfectly cozy and intimate when it's filled with delicious food and people you love! BTW, I'm wondering if you might do a future post about the paint colors in your home. I love your color choices (I'm especially in love with that color in the back of your hutch), and I would be interested to hear how you choose the colors for the rooms, etc.. I also would love to know the color of your ceilings and trim. I find white to be tricky, but those glossy white ceilings are one of my favorite things! Thanks for sharing your beautiful home. It's inspiring!