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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

when fresh flowers...

are not an option

some pretty ways to decorate that add color, texture and tell a story

a pedestal bowl of colored buttons, antique clothespins and twine
all found on etsy

laser cut wood flowers in a vase
another etsy find

artificial peonies tied with grosgrain ribbon (leftover from another project) into a bouquet

a collection of silver platters placed in a wire basket
etsy finds

antique rolling pins in a galvanized bucket
found on etsy

a collection of thread
useful as well as pretty to look at

printing letters found last week at the antique mart
the #5 my favorite number

dessert plates on a plant stand
pretty and useful

a wire basket of napkins ready to use

a burst of color with a bowl of lemons

edible and beautiful

it doesn't have to cost a lot  to decorate
use things you love
things with a function
edibles things
items you have collected

as long as they tell your story 


  1. i love your laser cut flowers + printing letters. My husband and i are planning to buy similar letters soon--have you tried using them on anything? just curious if they are still functional

    1. i used the letters on my love pillow post - http://www.linenandthread.com/2012/01/trip-to-antique-mart.html
      they worked great