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Monday, February 6, 2012

when are lemons...

in season?
all year round in southern california

from our orchard

we were in huntington beach this weekend and it felt like summer 
gordon, our daughter allison and our son-in-law mike ran a half marathon
it's gord's 60th birthday today, and his 4th half marathon this year
i don't think he is trying to run away from me

a little taste of summer for you

homemade raspberry lemonade
the picture in the background is one of my treasures 
made by my daughter joy
it's made of felt and embroidery to depict our home

macerate raspberries
1 pint raspberries
1/4 cup sugar
mix together and let sit for 30 minutes
mix and smash raspberries
squeeze through sieve

simple syrup
1 cup water - bring to boil, add
1/2 cup sugar stir until dissolved
place in pitcher

squeeze 6 lemons - 1 cup juice
add to pitcher
add 3 - 4 cups water
add raspberry puree
place in fridge until cold

make a pitcher today and bring 
a little bit of summer into your home

happy birthday gordon!!! 


  1. i could definitely go for a glass of that lemonade right about now!

    happy birthday to grandpa gordon from the girls.
    when i told H how far grandpa ran, she asked if it was further than driving to grandpa johnny's. Cute!