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Friday, February 10, 2012

my daughter merideth said...

i love anything in a jar

this post is for merideth and anyone else who loves jar
they seem to be so chic right now, i see them everywhere
just goes to show you old things always become new again!

in my kitchen
jar of silverware on the counter
easy to grab a knife for buttering toast 
or a spoon for ice-cream

an old wine bottle filled with dish soap
so much prettier then in its original container

cupcake liners
adds a burst of color

spices in found jars
on an old tarnished platter
ready to spice up any meal

in my sewing room
 antique buttons
handy for any project

 safety pins, straight pins, and odd buttons
useful, useful, and useful

leftover ribbon
looks like a cloud

all through the house

look in your drawers and cupboards 
and see what stories you can tell
by putting them on display

it's one way to make a house become your home 


  1. I love putting things in jars! I can't seem to ever put a jar in the recycling because I know I can find a use for it!

  2. Did you make the wall hanging in your kitchen, is it felt? If you did would you be able to post a tutorial. Love your blog keep up the good work.

    1. my daughter made it for me. I't a rendering of our home from a photo. yes it is felt with hand embroidery, stretched on a wood frame. i'm glad you like my blog, keep coming

  3. Okay, I have to know where you get that wine. It must be delicious because by the looks of it, and all your corks it's a favorite!
    I love the bottle as well! Just found your blog and loving it.

    1. we have a vineyard on our property. it is syrah, the label was created by me. once again the birds represent our grandchildren.