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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

mini giveaway...

and my trip to my son david's home

their kids - 3 of my grandchildren
 i have to say it "my grandkids are super cute!"

my daughter-in-law brooke has been wanting help with her craft room
last week i packed my bags and went for a visit

she was at a loss on how to set it up
how to make it functional and pretty
finding a place for everything
after we emptied it out 
i measured and came up with a plan

here is a teaser into what we did
looks like a kate spade purse

we bought 2 billy bookshelves with glass door from ikea {$79.95 each}

wrapping peer from crate and barrel {$7.95 x 2}
liquid gilding in gold - martha stewart sold at any craft store {$6.29}
knobs from home depot {$3.95 x 4}

design board of everything else tomorrow
back to the mini giveaway
has been very popular so i thought i would give one away
letter of your choice

how to enter:
 guess where in my house you think the monogram is

2 clues
1.  it is not in a main room
2.  study the picture for a clue

if there is more then one right i will randomly draw a winner
contest is open until 9pm pacific time tonight

good luck and don't forget to enter the february giveaway 

mini giveaway is officially closed!!!!!!


  1. Playroom


  2. Guess room or office. The box is the stumper:) Tonyapeterson1@yahoo.com

  3. you guys need to think even smaller room

  4. master bedroom closet or linen closet?

  5. I agree master bedroom closet. I love that color of green you bought the bookcases in...can't wait to see more pictures!

  6. I was going to say a photo studio (the black things off to the right look like lighting reflectors). But since you said smaller to some of the other rooms. I'm going to venture to say the mudroom or entryway. (And I love the color green you chose for Brooke's sewing room. suits her.)

  7. closet! looks like clothes hanging on the right. :)

  8. hi hollie - hmmm... bedroom closet? this is fun!

  9. Master bedroom or master closet!

  10. Fun picture :) The clothes to the right are definitely clues to a closet... so, master bedroom closet?!

  11. Final guess is..... Guest room closet? Tonyapeterson1@yahoo.com :)

  12. Master Bedroom closet! beckysteeves@gmail.com