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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

chair makeovers

read the whole post for a mini giveaway
do you have a chair that needs updating?
here are a few i have had done
simple ways to give them a new look
before and after

 this chair found a home in the master closet
leftover from many houses
functional but dull and boring
so i picked a pretty turquoise linen
shortened and box pleated the skirt 
my son-in-law john painted the legs navy they were a pickled white (very 70's)
still in my master closet but would be proud to be seen in any room

this chair sits at my vanity
i still loved everything about it
but wanted to try a bold print
she is a very sweet chair and will be used for many more years

there are 2 of these chairs in my office
who doesn't love chevron right now
and the nail head detail in a scallop adds an unexpected surprise
they welcome friends to sit and stay a while

one of the projects i did at allison's home
made a new slipcover for her desk chair
allison wanted a simpler more modern look
i took apart the old slipcover and used it as a pattern
the project took less then an hour

one of the easiest makeovers is to recover the seat
oilcloth in a pretty pattern and color
we have 4 february birthdays in our family
gordon tuned 60
wonderful husband
and grandfather
allison jane is 31
another friday the 13th birthday in our family
 ran her first half marathon
very determined
wonderful mother and daughter
 taylor rose
is 8 and our 3rd grandchild
sweet, beautiful, and a budding writer
and artist
hank alexander
grandchild # 16
they don't come any sweeter
family is what makes my life wonderful
still time to enter!!!!
here is what you could win
a quilt of your choice from my etsy shoppe

the winner of the february giveaway 
will be picked at 9 pm pacific time tonight

mini giveaway
make a comment 
 what are you going to do today with your extra day february 29th?
and you could win a pillow cover from my shoppe
winner will be picked tonight at at 9pm pacific
mini giveaway is officially closed


  1. What am I going to do on this extra day in February?
    -Well, I started the day by driving in near white-out conditions to work. Lovely. I just got done taking my son Hudson to his 9 month well-baby check-up. He was born at 28 weeks, weighing 2 lbs 5 oz and he weighed in today at 17 lbs 5 oz! He has come so far! We are now cuddled up in his room playing. :)

    I LOVE you quilts, so gorgeous! I love reading you blog and Sarah's blog. :) Decorating is my passion. I live in Iowa, but my husband is from Newfoundland. I can't wait to visit Canada this next year. :)

  2. My day started with MOHs surgery to remove a cancer from my face and will end with PT for my recently replaced left knee, but in between I am having a bike ride and sunny outdoor lunch with a new friend. I found your blog on Pinterest on a link to the reupholstered office chair. I have bookmarked the blog and look forward to keeping in touch. Good design is a bright spot in every day.

  3. I know they say that Leap Day is a day where anything you do doesn't matter, but I'm trying out the opposite approach. I'm spending the day (with a few breaks to read blogs, clearly!) looking for a new job. A new start. A new adventure. Fingers crossed...

  4. This extra day of February has brought me a very proud mom moment...I had my sons conference at school and he is doind amazing. You can read about it on my site =) Happy Leap Day

  5. My 2 little girls and I have been playing and enjoying the extra day. We even had a surprise visit from Daddy who brought lunch! :) Hurray for extra days!

  6. I had someone watch my baby twins so I can take my 3 year old to the pool. I am hoping we can all nap!

  7. It's cold here, so we're turning today into our Friday night movie night and keeping warm with some gooey chocolate chip cookies!

  8. Those chair makeovers are beautiful!! I love the lowback chair for your vanity, amazing. :)

    I did just a bit of the usual Wednesday stuff, played with the kiddos, wrote, & took pictures. I also cleaned out my sewing drawer and craft room, a nice fresh accomplishment. :) All the best!

  9. My extra day was spent with my 4 year old and newborn sweet baby boy. I love all the little moments spent with them. I especially enjoyed my little girl singing "you are my sunshine" to her brother because he was crying.

    Love all your quiilts, they are just beautiful.

  10. Spend extra time with my hubby and baby girl before my husband begins boot camp on Friday!

  11. The extra day today was spent with my kids (2 years old and 8 months)...the passport office (which for some reason we got through incredibly faster than the rest of the people waiting!), costco and a nice family walk as my husband came home from work early. Now both kids are in bed, so "me" time and watching Revenge!

  12. A dear friend was in a tough situation so I took her kids for the day- it was a fun filled, VERY noisy and messy day :)

  13. I am going to fight morning sickness and play outside with my little one!

  14. Spent extra time snuggling, playing Nd giggling with my daughter thanks to a visit from my in laws who took care of my twin boys

  15. mini giveaway is officially closed