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Friday, February 3, 2012

another "E F I" project...

fabric notecards
easy, fast, and inexpensive

getting a note in the mail is such a lovely happening
i know i would love to receive more then just bills in my mailbox 
just a "hello" an "i love you" or "happy valentine's day"
to brighten someone's day

a great little gift
a special thank you card
or just a note to say "i'm thinking of you"

here's how i did it
you will need:
a package of plain notecards
scrap fabric, press to get out all wrinkles
spray mount adhesive

1.  lay cards in box and spray with adhesive
2.  place cards on wrong side of fabric, let adhesive dry a bit
3.  cut fabric around cards, (a rotary cutter and ruler works best. but scissors can be used)
4.  stitch around edge of cards, this isn't necessary but adds a nice touch
5.  press cards lightly, fabric side up
6.  enjoy cards yourself or bundle with lace to give away

enjoy your weekend and come visit again on monday

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