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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

a place for everything...

and everything in its place

when the doors are closed
a beautiful cabinet

when the doors open 
an efficient wrapping and shipping center 

with 5 married kids and 15 grandkids there are a lot of birthdays
they live all over the country and one family in canada
i do a lot of shipping!!!

having everything i need at my finger tips makes the job easy and even fun

free shipping boxes
recycled tissue paper
wrapping paper
gift bags
tray with pencil sharpener, sharpie markers, 
rotary cutter and scissors
cutting board and ruler 

the tissue paper is hanging and the boxes are separated by spring tension rods
a great cheap solution and no screws involved  

- paper tablets - graph paper - photo paper - file folders -
- basket of notecards - basket of printer ink - empty notebooks -
and bins for magazines, catalogues, and small photo paper 
spring rods are once again used  to separate the types of paper 
they can be rearranged or removed without any damage to the cabinet

basket of photo albums
pretty yellow camera bag
magnifying lamp
fire box {more about this in a future post}

and twine to tie it all up


  1. it looks great mom. cute tissue paper!!

  2. i love this post! i want to see more pics of the little details inside. who knew you could do so many things with tension rods. and i especially love the assortment of baker's twine, i had no idea you could get in so many colors!