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Thursday, January 12, 2012


your address label

my new year's resolution is to write more personal notes and cards.

so, i  made myself a new address label that represents me. 

 the return address and shipping address are combined on one label. 
i got this idea from a great label received from friends on a christmas card this year.

i personalized it with the birds and colors from my blog and etsy shoppe.
if you look at my linen and thread header you will see 15 birds, they represent my grandchildren. 
 the blue bird is luke, the 7th grandchild.  the 2 lovebirds on the label are my gordon and i.

a scalloped frame for the shipping address, made in adobe illustrator by my daughter joy. 
 she sure is doing a lot for me on her visit.  

the return font is american typewriter, standard on mac.  i found the shipping font on pinterest
it is called "pea kat".  i love how it looks like handwriting.  i also love how it was a free downloadable. 
i used  an avery 2"x4" shipping label #5263.

my daughter-in-law sarah has a adorable free downloadable return label on her blog right now. 
sarah is a very talented web designer, she is the designer of my blog.

before i go i want to share our yummy dessert tonight.
made once again by my talented joy.
i received two crowns today, no i am not a queen. 
 i went to the dentist, so she made it especially for me.  
if i think about it i really am the queen of my family!

last day until the giveaway.

1 comment:

  1. These are amazing! I, too, am always striving to write more cards...thanks for the inspiration! xo