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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

my linen closet is...

all dressed up pretty

my linen closet has:
two sets of sheets for each bed
extra blankets
two sets of towels for each person
lots of throws
pool towels for everyone
antique quilts
quilts for play
two extra regular pillows
two extra king pillows
 laundry baskets 
baskets of individual toiletries 
and hair appliances for guests 

if you haven't noticed i love white 
 white sheets, white towels, and white blankets

there is even a lovely suitcase to fill with supplies and goodies for your guests.
place a house key inside the suitcase to make them feel more welcome, 
along with a map of your area and local places to shop and eat.
{i got this idea from the HGTV show "secrets of a stylist"}

beautiful family heirlooms

the tags are a fun way to personalize your items 
they are avery tags #22802 all done on the computer
it helps everyone to tell the play quilts from the antique quilts
the pool towels from the bath towels and the king sheets from the twin sheets

baskets full of toiletries to help guests feel like home

quilts i made for grandkids to play

beach and pool towels for sunny southern california

how to fold a fitted sheet

  1. with the sheet inside out hold the sheet by the two adjacent corners.
  2. bring one hand to the other, and fold one corner over the other enveloping it.
  3. repeat step 2 with other two corners.
  4. bring the two sets of corners together, one set enveloping the other.
  5. lay the folded sheet on a flat surface and straighten it into the shape shown.
  6. fold on side up half way. 
  7. repeat with opposite side.
  8. fold one more time.
  9. fold both ends half way.
one more fold and you will have 
the perfect folded fitted sheet

come back tomorrow 
to see how i conquer my paper and box war


  1. I got my pillow today and it looks great! Thank you!

    1. i'm so glad you like it. i would love a picture in it's home.

  2. I fell in love with this linen closet. What are the dimensions and what is the height between the shelves and from the floor to the first shelf? What about the length of the shelves? Just lovely!

  3. Wow! So well organized!! I loved your linen closet the minute I spotted it on Pinterest! I will post a pic once I am done organizing mine. Thank you for the tips!

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