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Thursday, January 19, 2012

my desk is...

command central

if i'm not in my sewing room you will find me here

i spend a lot of time sitting at this desk
reading emails, talking to my kids, and planning my day
writing my blog, reading a book or just daydreaming
i have my computer, all my files, phone, and television

there are pretty things 
stuff my grandkids and kids made for me
mixed in with books, paintings, and some of my quilts 
even pictures of me as a child, i found when organizing

the desk has a glass top
i put orla kiely wallpaper underneath
not permanent it can be changed or removed anytime

the giraffe quilt on the desk is getting shipped out to a lucky buyer
remember to visit my etsy shoppe all proceeds go to juvenile diabetes research foundation

 my newly organized files 
i hunted high and low for files that were't forest green or bright yellow
these are made of recycled material from staples, i love the kraft paper color
the file tabs are avery #5567 made on my computer, so much better than my writing
notice the tension rod again to separate the checkbooks and envelopes from files

desk drawer 
everything in its own cubby, i measured the drawer and found these at target they fit perfectly
but don't look in the office section, you will find more options in the kitchen and home sections  
space is a premium, just like clothes if it doesn't fit get rid of it

keepsakes made by my children and grandchildren
to remind me how much i'm loved
my daughter allison made the two drawings one when she was 5 and the other last year at 30
"you are the best" is from my oldest granddaughter lily
the letter is from dylan my grandson

15 grandchildren and counting
they are all so wonderful
the birds at the top of the blog represent all the grandchildren

the storm before the calm
yes i can be messy
a sight i thought you would like to see

i've come a long way from my childhood
i started in very humble beginnings
never in my wildest dreams could i have dreamt 
where my road would lead


  1. oh my goodness, i love those childhood pics you found! I can't wait to see them in person!

    1. thanks brooke, you are very sweet. tomorrow i'm going to have pictures of the office cupboard getting built out .

  2. your office is dreamy! my to do list is growing as i read your blog for organization tips. i love the orla kiely wallpaper under your glass desktop - however, i'm curious how you removed the glass off to sneak the paper under?!

  3. Hi! Your office is wonderful. I am wondering what color your wall is. I am looking for something similar...blue/gray tones.

  4. Hi, can you please share where you found this desk/who makes it? Thanks!

  5. Hi, can you please share where you found this desk/who makes it? Thanks!

  6. Yes. Who made the desK? or is it custom built?