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Monday, January 9, 2012

monograms are...

a way to personalize your home

this is a project that i have been wanting to do for months.  with a lot of help from my daughter joy we did it   i was so excited through the whole process. it is one of my favorite projects in the house.  

here is what we did:

measured the area it was to go in
drew it out on graph paper
 made pencil marks on the outside and  middle point

placed the outline on the wall with string, since the wall curved the string worked great

 taped off the M with painters tape

trimmed away any excess tape

painted the edge of the tape with the existing wall color
 this sealed the tape to help avoid any paint going under the tape

painted the M with paint one shade lighter

 after it dried we removed the tape 

we couldn't help ourselves we stood back and admired our work!


  1. i saw this done in a nursery on pinterest and fell in love with the concept and the large scale of the monogram! i absolutely love how yours turned out! can't wait to see it!

  2. wow, i am seriously impressed! I love it!