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Monday, January 16, 2012

january is...

a time to organize

rolling pin collection
{organized and corralled}
 i bought the container for the rolling pins at shop terrain - a sister of anthropologie
most of the rolling pins were bought on etsy
"an instant collection"

this week i will be giving you a peek into some of my cupboards and drawers.  maybe a tip or two  that have worked for me as i organize.  i know it's an ever evolving process, one that i will always be tweaking.  as i clean out a drawer i ask myself:
is it useful to me
{remember edit edit edit}

monday - my kitchen hutch

so messy, tarnished, and overflowing
{i need to shine my silver more}

so organized, shiny, and simple
measure your drawer interior before heading to your local home goods store, don't forget to measure the drawer height.  also bring along a tape measure and a list what will be going in the space.  as you look for baskets, bins and organizers ask yourself, is it durable and appropriate for its contents.

poor use of space and boring

organized and beautiful
{i used spring tension rods as dividers between my placemats}

table for 12 all in a row
come back tomorrow and peek into my linen closet
and wednesday a bit of my office 


  1. LOVE the tension rod idea for your heavy placemats!

    1. i also used them in my office. they will be posted on wednesday.

  2. I have never heard of Shop Terrain. I can't wait to take a look at it!

    1. i find some things a bit pricey. but always worth the look.

  3. very inspired!! i need to get organized.