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Friday, January 20, 2012

i was asked...

how did u do that?

but first a view inside my notecard basket

building out the cabinet with spring tension rods

the nice thing about this tutorial is it can be used for many purposes
 it is the concept that is important

1.   4 vertical and 4 horizontal spring tension rods are placed in closet, no screws needed
2.  kraft tissue paper is hung on the farthest horizontal spring tension rod
3.  green houndstooth tissue paper placed on next rod
4.  kraft wrapping paper is on the next rod
5.  white wrapping paper on front rod
6.  long boxes are placed on top of the 2 rods above the wrapping paper ( double duty}
7.  boxes are separated between the 2 sets of vertical rods
8.  large white gift bags hang on door on removable hook
9.  small kraft paper gift bags are on other door 
10.  all the other items fit nicely in the cubbies above 
11.  a turquoise tray holds a pencil sharpener, sharpie markers, scissors, and rotary cutter
12.  self healing mat and ruler stand next to printer 

1.  4 sets of spring tension rods to separate paper and folders
2.  1 set of rods to divide bins from notebooks
3.  all put back together neat and orderly

other things you might like
i laminated all the business cards i use for the house onto one sheet for easy access and filing

one of the cubbies in my desk drawer holds some 
personal necessities

this is at my door by the office 
our favorite entrance into the house
let me know if you would like a tutorial for the turquoise shopping bag


 how to place something under the glass on my desk?  
i didn't know how i was going to lift the glass
until i found these - genius 

during the weekend remember to stop by my etsy shoppe
{all proceeds got to juvenile diabetes research foundation}


  1. Hi Hollie...You've probably already mentioned it on here somewhere before, but where do you buy your tension rods? I am ready to tackle my desk/office built in, and I pretty much think that rod idea is GENIUS! My "wrapping station" has been a big mess for years!

    1. i bought them at target. the small ones came in a pack of 2 - 11x16

  2. ...and yes, a tutorial for the shopping bag please! :)

  3. i love seeing the step by step, it totally inspired me to get organizing!!

  4. Thank you for the great tips and inspiration for an organized office. The idea for the tension rods is genius! I found your blog through your talented DIL, Sarah, & I love it! As I get time, I've been going back through your posts & I love all of your clever ideas, & I enjoy seeing glimpses of your beautiful home! Your linen closet & baking station have raised the bar of my organizational aspirations! :)

    1. thanks erin, you made my day. i hope you keep following me. i have lots of good things ahead.

  5. I just found your blog, and am having a fun going though it! Great ideas, and I love your style! But I have to ask...that green Orla Kiely bag....what style is that? I can't get it out of my head. I love the color!!!