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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

a collection of family pictures...

tells a story

on both sides of the dining room entryway 
our wedding pictures
our marriage and our children in order of date
just a glimpse of my dining room
i will be showcasing it next week

on the counter in master bath
all of our engagement pictures
a little bit unexpected but a welcome sight each morning

a grid of 28 pictures in the grandkid's room
where they play and have sleepovers
a wall of memories
i update the pictures each year

our 5 children as babies in the guest room
a great memory to see when they visit

a grid of 15 on a rounded wall
at the entry to the master bedroom
pictures of our children growing up 
a wonderful site as we retire at night

current pictures of our kids families
in the entry of master bedroom
makes me so proud

the grandkids in the office
always changing and growing

how do you show off your memories?
we only have one january birthday
Bennett Michael turned 1
he has the bluest eyes
and the chubbiest feet
he is #12 of almost 16 grandkids 


  1. oh my gosh, i couldn't stop laughing when i saw grayson's picture in your office. i love that picture. hilarious.

    1. i know it's so funny but it's the best one i have.

  2. how about a "how to" on getting such a perfect grid! love, love, love your blog!