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Monday, December 26, 2011

our christmas celebrations...

got the best of us

this was taken years ago of my 4th child allison.  but, i thought it depicted how we all might feel at the end of all the festivities of christmas.  we had lots of fun and way too much food.  our bellies are full of -

baked spiral ham 
scalloped potatoes with leeks and artichoke
homemade buns
raspberry jello salad

cinnamon crust apple pie with ice-cream
chocolate cream pie topped with whip cream

and apple cider to drink

i was going to post some recipes today, but it just didn't seem right, i'm still too full.  and i thought everyone might need a break from baking.  but rest assured they will get posted as soon as i can look at food again.

have a great boxing day as we say in canada

1 comment:

  1. it was delicious.
    thanks again and again for having us.
    your cooking never gets old.