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Saturday, December 31, 2011

the definition...

of a blog

i see it as a way to chronicle my successes in life.
to share some tips that work for me.
talk about what's important to me.
even show-off my family.

i'm here to say it's okay to have talents.
toot that horn and bang that drum.
we are all unique and wonderful.

whenever i get a little down on myself i remember something that happened a long time ago.  
i was walking with my family when we passed a beautiful girl with the most amazing legs.  joking, i exclaimed that was how i asked god to make me.  my son turned to me without a hesitation and said,  
"but mom she probably can't cook and sew like you".  

my family by allison (age 4)

yes we are all blessed with different things.  and i wouldn't change places with anybody.

happy blogging and a happy new year!

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